First time here? Kewl. I help aspiring wanderers get excited about traveling the world and documenting their journey. 


Who am I?!


Hola, soy Wander Woman! Aka Megan.

I wander the globe with my camera sniffing out unique experiences my soul mysteriously feels called to live out like …

Hoping on some random dude’s motorcycle in the middle of nowhere in Argentina to photograph a Gaucho rodeo.

Seeking shelter from a rainstorm underneath a Samoan person’s fale and letting them feed me a brownish, homemade coconut mixture from a bucket that may or may not have been used prior to store pig poop.

Trading scrubbing toilets for free accommodation at a Tibetan Buddhist Center in this hills of Austria.

Kinda weird right? I know. Being real, I’ve gone through many phases of “trying to be normal.” I’ve hung up my backpack, gotten a day job, stashed money away in case I ever got married or had a family. I even created visions boards on Pinterest of this fictional person I imagined I’d become who met everyone else’s expectations, so I could feel accepted ... but miserable. During these times, I've felt stuck in the funky funk zone. I’d make myself out to be wrong for daydreaming of far flung places and let the guilt creep in for not being married or owning a house (I’m 33). Meanwhile it’s pretty simple, I just want to milk cows on a dairy farm in Denmark and live my best life. AND I still believe love is possible.

Things got better when I went through a LOT of therapy (here’s my stance on mental health) to finally accept my REAL persona as Wander Woman. Now, I am sharing that journey with you not just for the sake of self ownership, but also in case you — just like me — are tired of fighting against the person you thought you should be and are choosing the tough path of becoming who you really, really are. 

So What's With the Super Hero Dealio??

Great question! I may not be out to save the world -- let's be honest, thinking about how much need there is out there makes me feel depressed -- but I am out to spread joy.

My super human skill is making people smile real big.

Last year I started an acts of kindness video series called the Kind Effect where I do simple acts of good around the world to uplift humanity with feel good content. That includes telling strangers I love them in Mexico City, reuniting a military family in Seattle, and surprising a grieving stranger with flowers. How I wound up starting the Kind Effect is a long story, but basically I used to work in journalism and I noticed how all the hum-drum stories out there were making my friends frown. Life is just too short to frown when you can be fabulous instead, so I'm hoping to make the news circuit a happier place to hang out. 

IMG_1198 2.JPG

Okay fine whatever, I also like having an excuse to wear a cape alright?


Are you going to yell at me and tell me to quit my 9-to-5 job like the rest of the travel bloggers do?

Heck-to-the-no. Keep your job.

If there’s any one thing I would yell at you for, it’s NOT BEIN’ YO DANG SELF! 

You're right, there are a bizillion travelers out there that encouraging people to quit their 9-to-5 jobs to wander the world full-time (we've all seen the Facebook ads #sponsored). For as much as I love travel, I'm not going to pretend that being funemployed is that fun. I know plenty of people who have normal jobs that still make time for what matters to them, including travel. I have friends who don’t travel at all, and they are perfectly happy and I love them just as much as the people in my life who do. Traveling isn’t always a dream (sometimes you get stuck in really not fun circumstances), plus quitting your job to travel full time has its major downsides … like not making money. I think we’re all here to fulfill different purposes; it just so happens mine is exploring and I like to share it publicly. Sometimes I wish I could hold down a muggle job, but I'm antsy what can I say.

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