First time here? Kewl. I help aspiring wanderers get excited about traveling the world and helping others while on their journey. 


Helping others random acts of kindness

Hola, soy Wander Woman! Aka Megan.

I wander the globe with my camera sniffing out unique experiences my soul mysteriously feels called to live out like …

Hoping on some random dude’s motorcycle in the middle of nowhere in Argentina to photograph a Gaucho rodeo.

Seeking shelter from a rainstorm underneath a Samoan person’s fale and letting them feed me a brownish, homemade coconut mixture from a bucket.

Trading scrubbing toilets for free accommodation at a Tibetan Buddhist Center in this hills of Austria.

Once upon a time, I was a journalist living in New York City writing for publications like BBC, the International Business Times, BuzzFeed, and other mainstream media outlets. Even though I was “successful,” I just felt there was something missing. Substance? Purpose? Zeal?

So, I started this blog to talk more candidly about my life as a perpetual adventurer hoping I can inspire others to pack their bags and hit the road too.

Here you’ll read tales about the things I think matter most:

  • Random acts of kindness around the world

  • Authentic adventures

  • Living abroad, which allows you to deeply get to know a place

  • Philosophical musings based on realizations I’ve made on the road

helping others random acts of kindness

So What's With the Super Hero Dealio??

Great question! I may not be out to save the world -- let's be honest, thinking about how much need there is out there makes me feel depressed -- but I am out to spread joy.

My super human skill is making people smile real big.

Last year I started an acts of kindness video series called the Kind Effect where I do simple acts of good around the world to uplift humanity with feel good content. That includes telling strangers I love them in Mexico City, reuniting a military family in Seattle, and surprising a grieving stranger with flowers. How I wound up starting the Kind Effect is a long story, but basically I used to work in journalism and I noticed how all the hum-drum stories out there were making my friends frown. Life is just too short to frown when you can be fabulous instead, so I'm hoping to make the news circuit a happier place to hang out. 

IMG_1198 2.JPG

Okay fine whatever, I also like having an excuse to wear a cape alright?


Are you going to yell at me and tell me to quit my 9-to-5 job like the rest of the travel bloggers do?

Heck-to-the-no. Keep your job.

If there’s any one thing I would yell at you for, it’s NOT BEIN’ YO DANG SELF! 

You're right, there are a bizillion travelers out there that encouraging people to quit their 9-to-5 jobs to wander the world full-time (we've all seen the Facebook ads #sponsored). For as much as I love travel, I'm not going to pretend that being funemployed is that fun. I know plenty of people who have normal jobs that still make time for what matters to them, including travel. I have friends who don’t travel at all, and they are perfectly happy and I love them just as much as the people in my life who do. Traveling isn’t always a dream (sometimes you get stuck in really not fun circumstances), plus quitting your job to travel full time has its major downsides … like not making money. I think we’re all here to fulfill different purposes; it just so happens mine is exploring and I like to share it publicly. Sometimes I wish I could hold down a muggle job, but I'm antsy what can I say.

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